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Lord Voldemort

Voldemort tortures

Who: Voldemort, strictly to any Death Eaters wanting to help
When: Around 2AM
Where: A random mudblood's home
Status: Incomplete.


Voldemort paced the entrance of a large building, he was actually very amused at the size of the home; it seemed very spacious for that of a mudblood. He smirked as he saw the small lights flickering from the kitchen area. Someone was awake.

The Dark Lord smiled and walked swiftly up towards the door, flicked his hand and the door flew open. Looking left and right, he didn't see anyone in sight, so he continued onward towards the person in the dim lighting by the kitchen.

Voldemort had grown very bored with the way things were flowing with his Death Eaters, so he thought he would have a little bit of fun destroying some innocent lives. Hate loved him, and he loved to make people angry. It amused him when they'd beg for their pathetic lives. Mudbloods didn't deserve to live, they were a disgrace, even the half-bloods. He wouldn't rest until every last one was killed. Everything would go his way or he would mutter a few killing curses here and there. He didn't want anyone over ruling him. No one would ever stand up to him. 

He walked into the kitchen, and there he found a small girl around the age of 9. The girl looked up at him with large blue eyes and they quickly began to water.

Voldemort quickly locked all of the doors and windows, so that no one could escape. He also put up a few silencing charms so that no muggle would hear. 

The girl screamed loudly as she knew who was standing in front of her.

"It's just a dream... It's just a dream, wake up." the little girl whispered to herself.

The Dark Lord laughed cruelly as she said this, he knew this was the mudblood, but he could also sense another, and also a half-blood. Oh yes, blood shall be shed tonight.

"Mommy! Help me! It's him!! It's him!" The girl screamed.

A few seconds later, he could hear loud footsteps coming from upstairs and quickly running down to where they were.

A woman appeared in the doorway and ran over to the little girl, wrapping her arms around her, she covered her daughters eyes. "Don't look, honey, keep your eyes closed." She said and kissed her on the head.

"You think that will save you?" Voldemort chuckled and rose his wand up.

"CRUCIO!" with a flash of light, the two mudbloods were screaming in agony, writhing on the floor in pain.

More footsteps could be heard, and he turned to look at the door. It was the father.

Voldemort let the two females go of the curse and smirked. "You disgusting half-breeds, you don't deserve to live!" He yelled and pointed his wand to the man. 

With a bright green flash and a muttered curse, the man fell to the floor. The Dark Lord walked over to the man and peered down at his lifeless eyes, the light gone forever. He smiled.
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