Severus Snape (_princesnape) wrote in insidethenight,
Severus Snape

Who: Severus, Narcissa, Draco, Ginny
When: Sunday evening, 6:00
Where: Malfoy home, Order HQ
Status: Incomplete

Severus used the floo network for the second time in as many days, taking care this time to avoid the painful bump that injured his arm the night before. He almost went a grate too far, however, and stumbled backwards out of the fireplace with a string of angry curses. There was absolutely nothing dignified about using the fireplace for travel.

Cleaning himself off with a muttered spell, he looked about for Narcissa, a childish hope at the back of his mind that she hadn't seen his little tumble.

He hadn't yet returned to the Order headquarters - his portkey had taken him straight to an ally's home in Naverre, where Neville would be safe for a while. If anything, he could be moved later to another location. From there, Severus had sent an owl to Draco, informing him of the visit. Hopefully, the owl had been recieved. Severus wasn't looking forward to answering too many questions.
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