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Inside The Night

A Postwar Harry Potter RPG

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~The Plot~

The Second War is over, the final battle won– by Lord Voldemort. Now, with Harry Potter dead and none to stand in their way, the Death Eaters have taken over Britain and are rapidly gaining power throughout the rest of Europe; Hogwarts Castle has been made their stronghold, and muggles, muggleborns, halfbloods, and order members are all dead, in hiding, or enslaved by high-ranking Death Eaters. Those who remain alive and uncaptured are working to sabotage the seemingly unstoppable regime, but without clear leadership and any truly effective plans, the light of hope is fading quickly, leaving the Wizarding world trapped inside the night.

Note: A timeline of events preceeding the start of the game (year 2002) can be found here.


Anyone wishing to join Inside The Night should send an e-mail to one of the mods with the following:

1. Character Name
2. Character description/how you intend to play the role
3. A brief writing sample (prose/narrative form, 3rd person)

Note: We do accept OCs on either side, provided the game remains predominantly populated by canonical characters. OC applications should include a character bio/backstory in addition to the above items.

Applications should be sent to Loony_Luna_6@yahoo.com or Sillysnacks456@hotmail.com with "Application" in the subject line so it doesn't accidentally get deleted. A list of available roles can be found here, but please note that it isn't all-encompassing. If there's another character you'd like to play who you don't see listed, odds are we just left it off the list accidentally.


Yes, we do have rules around here. They are as follows:

•All posts must be in a narrative (rather than journal-style) form below a cut. The exception is if your post is specifically designated as a letter to another character, in which case, please label the cut as such.

•Comments on posts are preferably done in a narrative form as well; however, players involved may opt to post in a shorthand form, designating *actions* like so in the interests of time or, if it is a large group, organization.

•Posts must be labeled (either in the subject line or in a header) with the location, characters involved, and approximate time in which they take place. Posts which are part of a larger overarching plotline should be tagged accordingly so they can be easily found and referred back to if need be.

•Players must put in an appearance at least once every two weeks. Exceptions will be made if there are unavoidable conflicts which a mod is informed of in advance, or some sort of horrible emergency arises which you explain afterward. We understand that life does get in the way, but we do like to plan accordingly.

•You may not kill off a player's character unless that player is leaving the game and/or has (for whatever reason) given his/her express consent. If that is the case, you still must get an ok from the mods before doing so.

•All OOC discussion will be conducted on the OOC community, ooc_night. Posts discussing plot points or ideas must be friendslocked.

•Finally, the obvious rule, but an important one: please be courteous to your fellow players. We want everyone to enjoy themselves in this RP; that's the entire point. And if problems arise, please try to work it out amongst yourselves or talk to the mods if need be.

•Also, a note: the mods do not, by any means, provide you with all your plotlines, so all players must be ready and willing to come up with their own and discuss them with their fellow players.

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