Remus J. Lupin (frrylittleprblm) wrote in insidethenight,
Remus J. Lupin

Who: Remus and OPEN
When: Eartly afternoon
Where: The hallway
Status: Incomplete

There was nowhere to go in this house! It was driving him mad. And the situation was certainly not improved by the fact that someone had locked the door to the boy's room. He sighed and slid down the wall to the floor, where he sat with his arms resting loosely on his knees, thinking. Probably best not to knock. Whatever someone was doing in there they obviously didn't want to be interrupted. Perhaps there was an impromptu meeting. Or perhaps Draco and Blaise were enjoying some alone time. Either way.

It had been a week and nobody had mentioned his slipping off to transform. And why should they? No one else in the house had any real reason to pay attention to the phases of the moon, save perhaps Severus for his potions. They probably didn't even realize that the moon had been full, hadn't noticed that he was gone for the night. It was probably better that way. After all, what other choice did he have? He knew that it was dangerous to go to the Shack, especially given that the only way that wasn't sealed was the tunnel under the whomping willow, but he couldn't stay here and there was no where else to go. If the others didn't notice that he left then he didn't have to argue this point with them. It saved both sides some time and frustration, he imagined.

He glanced at the stairs. He could hear voices drifting up, but he wasn't entirely sure who. One of the girls and maybe Charlie. He sighed and wondered where Tonks was. He hadn't seen her all morning and he was still a little worried about her. His thoughts were interrupted, though, by a shadow on the stairs. He glanced up to see who had caused it.
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