Charlie Weasley (see_charlie_run) wrote in insidethenight,
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Who: Open
When: Midnight, Tuesday
Where: Boy's Bedroom
Status: Incomplete

Charlie's eyes were open long before he realised he was awake. He had decided that, since he was the one probably most comfortable with the outdoors life, he should be the one to sleep on the floor, and so he had - right in the corner of the room, facing the door on one wall and the window on the other.

When the awareness that he was no longer asleep came upon him, he was staring into the darkness, listening to the relaxed breathing coming from the other people in the room. No, more like listening for the scratching noises.

And he didn't hear any.

People throughout the world have described a sense of panic when confronted by the unknown in the dark. Stomachs start to clench, cold sweats pour down crawling skin, the sensitive hairs on the backs of necks stand on end. Teeth grind and fists clench. Eyes widen. Hearing and sense of smell become more sensitive and footsteps become more cautious. There is a de-evolution - a return to the primal self.

Charlie started to panic in such a manner, and sat up, straining to hear any tell-tale sounds of the attackers. Had they gone? Had they gotten in? What was that?!

Someone coughing in their sleep and turning over in bed.

Bed? There weren't beds.


He felt suddenly foolish and stood, brushing the dust from his trousers and shirt. He had half a mind to find Ginny, and sleep beside her bed, just to be close to family...but that, too, seemed silly and childish when he stepped out of the boy's bedroom. Not to mention inappropriate.

He was hesitant about entering the kitchen and bringing light into the house. He was still on the outs with Tonks, and didn't care to rouse her attention. No, not at all. She seemed to him to be a light sleeper.

Going outside wasn't very appealing, either.

He finally contented himself with sitting outside the door to the girls' bedroom. He stretched out his legs and folded his arms across his chest; if he could sleep, he would. If not, he'd be here to greet someone in the morning.
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