Lucius Malfoy (_bad_faith_) wrote in insidethenight,
Lucius Malfoy

Who: Lucius, Narcissa
When: Monday morning, 7:00am
Where: Malfoy Manor
Status: Incomplete

Lucius took a deep breath as he apparated into his study room. It had been a long time since he had been here, and although it hardly seemed warm enough to be called a home, it was somewhere he could truly feel comfortable -- it was his domain. He made his way to his desk and looked down at the smooth black surface of the obsidian. Pointing his wand at the mirror image of himself reflected in the stone, he murmured a spell. A blueprint of the entire manor glowed grey from somewhere within the stone. His eyes searched for the dot that glowed a soft gold for his wife, but could not find it anywhere.

"What is she doing now?" he asked the air about him.  He sat down on a chair and summoned a house elf to prepare a drink for him.  "I'll have to wait for her, won't I?" he whispered when the drink (an expensive cognac) arrived.  He considered going to her rooms and waiting for her to arrive as he was certain she would through the floo.  He dismissed that idea.  No, if she had something to hide, he didn't want her to know he knew it.  He leaned back into his seat and sipped at the drink, his eyes still fixed on the table, which did not stop glowing with the mansion's diagram.    And he waited.
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